Thursday, 4 May 2017

VR games, brief Doom, and Wilson's Heart - - "days 7 & 8"

Wilson's Heart (picture from Oculus website)

My "day 7" on VR, was just a really brief taster of Doom. Now, I've never been into Doom (or similar games), so I was just checking out how it would look like, when you're "there"..

Moving around felt different from other stuff I've tried in VR (although, I think it can be set up in various ways - anyway, not interested enough to find out more..), and while I got the idea, the corridors just looked all the same, so when I moved to some point, I couldn't then figure out where I wanted to go, and where I'd just come from as it all looked the same. I did kill one monster, though πŸ˜‚ That was that!

However, "day 8" was awesome πŸ˜ƒ I started playing Wilson's Heart πŸ’“

This game is AWESOME!!!

I've always enjoyed entertaining puzzle / adventure games (like the Broken Sword games, etc.), and this is like a horror version - and in VR.. Brilliant stuff..

You're Robert Wilson, and you wake up in a 1940's hospital.. It's all freaky and disturbing, something's been done to you, and something's happened to the hospital.. You'll need to collect clues, find out what's going on, find your way out..

There are some moments that really make you jump!

Also, there was a disturbing portrait on the wall - I pointed out "Ted" (referring to the film.. when you're playing this, you'll see what I mean..), but it must have been Ted's evil cousin.. πŸ˜ƒ

While looking for clues, I was also breaking glass bottles all over the place - just to have fun with the physics.. (No harm as they're all virtual, eh!)

Eventually, I got stuck, just before the dark corridor with - things.. I learned to fix dim lights, but then found no way ahead - D has since played it further, so I know now where I'm supposed to go from there. Can't wait to continue!

Really, really, REALLY good game!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

GinGin pictures, starting from October 2015

As I am looking for safe and loving forever home/s for the outdoor cats, I thought I'd put together some photos of them.. It's easier to give potential new families a link to photos, rather than find them again in several folders, and upload to private chat on Facebook! πŸ˜ƒ

These first photos of GinGin, are from October 2015. It was the first time Little Mami brought him to the patio. (Little Mami was herself a very young cat, at the time, and she is quite small, so I think, GinGin may have been the only kitten of her first litter - at least, the only one that survived..)

GinGin on his own - on top of the cat run..

Dining with mammy.. (Little Mami)


Groomed by mammy.. (Little Mami)

These are GinGin's parents - Little Mami, and Hansom..

Then, I didn't see GinGin until months later..

This was in March 2016.. At this point, I didn't even realise it was him - I'd only seen him a few times as a kitten, and then there was no sign of him, so I feared that something had happened to him..

Here, I just thought he was a "new visitor", since he was so much bigger now..

It was only in April, I finally made the connection! I even compared the fresh photos to his kitten photos, and yes.. All markings matched

Independent boy.. (Still April, 2016)..


Still April 2016..

May 2016.. Cat run roof hammock πŸ˜ƒ

With daddy Hansom, and mammy Little Mami - May 2016..

June 2016..

July 2016..

August 2016 - stung by a bee 😒 (His jaw was swollen for a day or two..)

September 2016, with mammy (Little Mami), who was heavily pregnant with her second litter.. (She has since been spayed.)

October 2016 - family meal..

January 2017.. With younger siblings..

March 2017.. GinGin at the patio door, RuaRua (younger sibling) behind him..